Our philosophy

Our philosophy
Design craft

In a world of mass-produced furniture, Delvis has chosen a different path. Delvis is defined by an uncompromising focus on craftsmanship, not for its own sake but for the time-honored way of creating furniture that produces beautiful results which also stand the test of time.

Delvis - Chair 2
Delvis - Chair 1
Delvis - Chair 4
Delvis - Chair 3

Our respect for materials and time-honored techniques set us apart. However, Delvis is as much about the new as it is about the old. We develop new proprietary materials, we re-purpose and recycle old wood and leather, and we create unique mixed media pieces.


"We craft furniture with love and passion that comes from our Italian heritage"


We develop new materials 
and focus on age-old artisanal techniques


Distinctive details enhance the lines of Delvis's unique collections, with many different material combinations such as wood, leather, metal, and marble. In addition, we develop new materials combining them with age-old artisan techniques.

Delvis - Chair
Delvis - Texture
Solid wood

Using the top selection of woods, we then finish with multi-step, hand-applied treatments resulting-in most authentic and unique patinas.

Delvis - Solid wood

Our leather furniture styles range from the vintage, hand-patinaed to the clean and modern. We carefully control leather quality and color by means of our own technicians and exclusive processes in our inhouse finishing factory.


We are the realization of our founder’s philosophy that timeless design, organic materials, and hand-detailed craftsmanship result in a sophisticated style which has inspired retailers and consumers around the world.


Merging the old and the new, each piece is the result of an idea that reflects our founder's personal taste and time-developed know-how. All collections can be customized with different materials, sizes, and colors.

Delvis - Traditional

We create affordable furniture heirlooms that withstand the test of time, both from an aesthetic standpoint as well as from our commitment to quality materials and hand-detailed craftsmanship.

Delvis - Modern