About us

The Delvis brand was established in Italy in 1984 by founder Stefano Del Vecchio, who sought to blend ancient crafts and techniques with the languages of design, the inspirations of contemporary art and new lifestyle trends. This vision, way ahead of its time, together with a vast wealth of experience gained throughout the world, enabled Delvis to make its name as the perfect distillation of that typically Italian ability to redefine the concept of exclusivity. Delvis' original stylistic and productive journey led the company to transfer its team of collaborators and craftsmen to China and Vietnam, establishing a first-hand relationship with the industrious local workforce, bringing training and conveying knowledge and skills. The values of passion, vision and quality are evident in every single piece in the Delvis collections, produced using luxury materials and a meticulous attention to every detail.

Our Philosophy

Conceived in Italy and produced in Asia, Delvis is a project that gives an original interpretation of the whole range of contemporary interiors: a new concept based on an exceptional wealth of technical knowledge, boundless passion and meticulous attention to every detail. Furniture that marries the idea of design and skill, typical of the best Italian production, with the use of wood, leather and metals worked and finished using age-old techniques taught by Italian artisans, to make each piece a unique masterpiece. Furniture and interior design pieces with a timeless, borderless that expresses a way of living as well as furnishing. An attitude towards the spaces around us that is both sophisticated and spontaneous, constantly striving for beauty and authenticity, creating sensations that speak the language of nature and art, telling an ever-evolving story.

Mind in Italy

Mind in Italy is not just a play on the words of ‘made in Italy’. It expresses an original idea, pointing out that every product before it is produced above all must be created in the mind. Mind in Italy creates a bridge, built of imagination and professionalism, between East and West, based on Italian know-how, R&D experience, attention to detail, tailoring. It is a concept of excellence recognised worldwide and recognisable in all products, excellence deriving from that unmistakeable mixture of craftsmanship and industry that gives rise to unique pieces, objects that express an identity, synthesis of artistic thought and design, tradition and innovation, beauty and functionality. Mind in Italy is a tale of shapes, materials and colours that tell of passions, suggest fated encounters and elective affinities, that speak through tactile, visual sensations and interiors that are both Italian and international in style.

Milano living
Our Founder

Italian manufacturing tradition and the allure of oriental culture. The rediscovery of ancient artisanal techniques and the interpretation of new stylistic trends. Delvis is a bridge joining two different worlds a bridge between eastern and western cultures.. Its story begins in 1984 in inland Venice, and its founder, Italian furniture designer and contemporary art collector Stefano Del Vecchio, also embodies a number of different passions and personalities: businessman, traveller, contemporary art buff, explorer of new markets and of new proposals developed for a selected audience. At the turn of the new millennium, during a trip to China, he was struck by the industrious nature of the local populations, the reflection of a centuries-old identity, and he embarked on a transfer not only of production, but of knowledge, bringing craftsmen and experts in precious materials with him from Italy. This was the birth of a one-of-a-kind collection: Delvis, Exclusive Italian Quality.

I always liked to mix old and new, the new of today will be the old of tomorrow, I think beauty has no age, so as long as this is respected, I have no preference for one or another"