Designed by Matteo Cibic, an eclectic, talented young designer with important international partnerships and works exhibited in museums around the world, InEdita and Materico collection , presented in Brera during The Milano Design Week 2019 and Sale Regie by Studio Delvis at Artissima 2021 in Turin, interpreting creativity as a fundamental element of everyday life.
A vision in line with the philosophy and know-how of Delvis Unlimited, generating new synergies between designer and company, new shapes and methods of transversal furnishing. Elements of sophisticated simplicity that create a system of unexpected and iconic objects, in relation to a space that suggests multiple sensations and memories, through a mix of colours and materials inspired by the Orient, Europe and South America.

Matteo Cibic

Matteo Cibic is an artist and designer of products and special environments. In the last ten years the designer has developed products and creative ideas for international companies, private collectors and cultural institutions.