Delvis Unlimited

Delvis showroom Milano
Delvis showroom, Milano.

During the Milano Design Week, Delvis introduces Delvis Unlimited by Stefano Del Vecchio, a collection of one-off furniture pieces in limited edition.

The collection is the result of a meticulous selection of techniques and materials as well the collaboration with young Italian designers. The use of natural materials such as wood, stone, iron combined and in contrast with the artifice of the precious details of the worked surfaces, give life to an Unlimited collection as is the thought, creativity and genius of man.

The Delvis Unlimited Collection was born from the desire to work on exclusive designs specifically selected by Stefano Del Vecchio. The furnishings are designed down to the smallest detail and they adapt according to the living space, with a common pattern, the use of ancient natural materials such as ours roots, like iron, wood, stone.
It is precisely the return to Italy, the love for his land, listening to the genius loci that opened the door to the Unlimited collection, a collection of unique, material pieces, rich in details, shades, with sinuous and sleek shapes that delineate a refined style but essential at the same time.

“A style that I inherited from the land where I was born, which has been transforming itself through the experiences, the countries I have visited. Our life is a journey and leaving always means starting over. "

Osvaldo Beivars Kepler
OSVALDO table, Beivars dining chair, Kepler K15C1 chandelier.

The furniture collection is intense like a work of art, where the influences of travels are mixed with a world observed through eyes able to catch the experiences that the life offers.

This is the origin of the Gemona table, a structure in metal profiles, with a minimalist design and a hand-worked stainless-steel top. To complete Gemona table were required 14 steps with various processes and treatments, to let emerging unique colors and shapes, which gives it a uniqueness with a very strong emotional impact. These processes give meaning to the Delvis Unlimited project. Stefano Del Vecchio’s will is to give continuity to the experiences and processes of these Master Craftsmen, a sector which is lacking in generational change with the risk of dispersing unique traditions of craftsmanship and culture.

Gemona Table
GEMONA table, design by Stefano Del Vecchio.

"The inspiration came from working with elderly burnishing artisans, seeing the ancient techniques of patination, oxidation and reactions with acids and other metals capable of obtaining extraordinary aesthetic results. I wanted to explore these effects by transferring it onto even large surfaces and the result was surprising”.

Delvis Unlimited wants to be an active witness of this tradition to ensure that the incredible heritage of our Italian Artisans can always and be renewed by strength and enthusiasm to make themselves known and appreciated in their territories of origin as in the rest of the world.

This design is close to the world of art and its beauty passes through creativity, passion, the desire to shape the soul of objects, drawings, sketches, projects and then shapes, materials and colors that are transformed into collections of furnishings: this is the starting point of the new project by Stefano Del Vecchio, Globetrotter, Art collector, Designer who has selected and worked with designers by choosing chromatism, encounters and clashes of the most disparate materials

Delvis showroom Milano
Delvis showroom, Milano.

Art is part of Stefano Del Vecchio's life, this is what you can "feel" when you enter one of the spaces designed by him. Art is life, it is part of the world we live in, it becomes a lens through which to look at new worlds: it’s through the creativity, the unlimited part of the human being, like a being without borders, that we define our living space.
This is the paradigm of Delvis Unlimited, a look at the contemporary world, at the possibilities it offers us, always keeping in mind the roots, preserving a strong sense of craftsmanship and uniqueness, the know-how of the Made in Italy, a country that has made the history of design in the world.

Gemona Table
Gemona Table, Duino Chair
Delvis showroom Milano
Delvis showroom Milano
The Collection and Designers

With the sinuous and voluptuous shapes of the Godia armchair, Gianluca Cozzarolo transforms a seat into an enveloping dance of empty and full, a reference to the forms of nature, a biomimicry aesthetics that encloses and protects from the outside world. The Violet color proposed for Delvis Unlimited introduces a more imaginative reading of Godia that projects us into the Boterian world and its provocative women on delicate legs.

Antonio Aricò works on the deep and beloved roots of his Calabria: shapes inspired by the simplicity of a rural world that turns into sculptural, iconic pieces, strongly characterized by particular essences, which naturally release scents, such as bois de Ros. 

The rigor of Oliver Thomas Wall's work becomes Reana, a modular bookcase that, like architecture, stands out on the walls, powerful and light at the same time.
For Delvis Unimited, the essence of black wood interacts with the metal surfaces worked with oxidation of burnished brass. Precious details, profiles that stimulate the imagination, a perfect shape broken down and reassembled by sequences of infinite floors.

Osvaldo Table
OSVALDO, table design by Fabio Fantolino.
Godia armchair
GODIA, armchair design by Gianluca Cozzarolo.
Scrittoio e sediolina
SCRITTOIO e SEDIOLINA, table design by Antonio Aricò.
Reana Bookshelf
REANA, bookshelf design by Oliver Thomas Wall.

The Mare collection, which Vittorio and Andrea Bruno created for Delvis Unlimited, is inspired by the marine imagery that surrounds and protects the Island. The surprising surface, with suggestive iridescent colors, is material in apparent movement that reveals the depth of the abyss with streaks similar to lunar shadows, nestled like jewels in metal frames which are made to be precious by sophisticated handwork.

“Mare is born from a fusion of crystallized metal, “fizzed” by the epoxy resin, with a highly artisanal use of color. Its blue, emerald and white nuances have been reproduced by playing with the deep effects obtained based on the intensity of the color in a given point. A way to always carry with you the suggestive beauty and natural imperfection of the Sardinian sea, reinterpreted with our expressive language: a landscape that we Sardinians take for granted because we see and live it continuously, but full of stories, memories and emotions".

Serie Mare
SERIE MARE, SISINE, FUILI and ILUNE coffee tables, design by Andrea & Vittorio Bruno.

Matteo Cibic, like a magician, continues to bewitch with his incredible energy that transforms what he draws into vibrant, fun, playful, plastic material. The enigmatic suggestions of his ceramic sculptures are revealed in the same way in the shapes of the Materico collection, where important and heavy materials, such as metal and stone, become light and almost funny on those deliberately "shortened" feet.
For the Unlimited Collection, the Inedita armchair is covered with new fabrics that take us back in time, a "disrupted" pied de poule that plays on shades of red on a structure made in wood and brass, which becomes elegant but fun thanks to the cylindrical headrest squeezed between laces.

Angela Ardisson chose a single shape for the development of the new Kepler collection:The sphere. In fact, a particular conception of clean design is conceived around the study of its geometric volume and a rational composition of interlocking elements. It’s an evolution of the previous Artist's work phases, devoid of any technical-manufacturing disturbance that could hypothetically interfere with the aesthetic appearance or invalidate the product’s finish. For this reason, welds are absent from the new project, which makes exclusive use of ad hoc turnings, which fix the pieces together, previously finished for being assembled. For the Kepler Collection, made of brass and crystal, the best Italian master craftsmen were involved and used highly specialized technologies such as lasers and water-jet cuts, latest generation lathes and cutters, but also 'mouth blowers' and glass twisting by hand.

Materico side table
MATERICO, side table design by Matteo Cibic.
Inedita armchair
INEDITA, armchair design by Matteo Cibic.
Kepler floor lamps
KEPLER K50 & K30, lamp design by Angela Ardisson.
Kepler chandelier
KEPLER K15C1, chandelier design by Angela Ardisson.

But creativity is unlimited and then among the walls of the new showroom, in the heart of Milan, you can also find the Chiavris armchairs, white and soft hold by heavy metal plates, the Cormor sofa, with its shape like a wave divided into wedges of velvet, the Beivars chairs, elegant and minimal, enriched by a burnished bronze finish. And then the vases by Antonino Sciortino, the drawings by Daniele Galliano, the ceramics by Paolo Polloniato, the Volterra Alabaster centerpieces by designer/researcher Roberto Sironi, the sculptural hand-made tapestries by Lorenzo Vitturi, in the midst of books and art catalogs that remind us how important it is to know how to go beyond borders.

Beivars chair
BEIVARS, chair design by Gianluca Cozzarolo.
Chiavris Armchair
CHIAVRIS, armchair design by StudioDelvis.
Carapace Torre vase
CARAPACE TORRE, vase design by Antonino Sciortino.
Cormor Sofa
CORMOR, sofa design by StudioDelvis.