Rooms representing your state of mind, spaces to inhabit and share, expressions of your chosen lifestyle: with Delvis, each room tells a different story. Each and every one is made up of lasting memories and new discoveries, thoughts and encounters, furniture and objects stemming from the ideas and passions of those who have designed and made them for you. 

Delvis moods: the story of a journey where objects tell their own tale. 

Delvis moods are based on the idea that the space in which we live is a narrative in constant evolution. Each room stages and tells the story of a feeling, impression or memory of a journey. 
Just like the pages of a gripping novel, or a catalogue, walls, niches, compartments, partitions, shelves, stairs, panelling, display cabinets, consoles and tables all create unusual, eye-opening cultural connections, enriched by perfect use of colour. 

These inspirations from all corners are brought together in a fusion between east and west. 
Each mood is inspired by a journey of discovery undertaken by Delvis founder Stefano Del Vecchio both to faraway countries such as America or China, or closer to home in Venice, Italy, where this adventure all started.