Area 33

Mood Area 33 has a metropolitan vibe, with rough, unfinished surfaces and industrial-style materials in a spacious setting, against cement-effect resin and exposed-brick walls. The undisputed stars of this mood are wood – especially with an aged, unvarnished finish – and iron – in the form of round or square rods with special coatings and varnishes.  The furniture has been stripped back to its pure form, free of frills and decorations, to expose its open shapes and airy visuals, in contrast with the naturally solid, robust materials it is made of. Industrial style is not just about aesthetics and taste. Industrial style represents a desire to surround ourselves with objects that have a history, drawing us in with their rough-around-the-edges charm: pieces of the past and tales from times gone by are given a new lease of life as modern features hiding a hint of nostalgia.