InEdita - Milan Design week 2019

09 April 2019

Brera District

9-14 April 2019 | 10am - 8pm
Via Palermo 11

On the occasion of Milan Design Week 2019, Editamateria will present its project, embarking on a journey setting out from the absolute space of the man who creates, an infinite and boundless dimension.

Focusing on limited editions, materials and tradition, Editamateria's research has produced unique results due to their means of approaching the work, leading to the creation of new collections.


by Matteo Cibic

Born from the idea that experimentation is the key to innovation and that creativity is a fundamental condition pervading the entire existence of human beings, Editamateria curates the new InEdita collection for Delvis. This comes as the result of a collaboration between designer and industry, in which the emphasis is not just on the finished product but on the potential discovered throughout the creation.

The international brand's know-how stemming from the Italian matrix of Delvis combines with the research linked to the territory and the creative process of Matteo Cibic. This introduces transversal viewpoints, new energies and innovative concepts that feed the “Mind in Italy”, being the "thoroughly Italian vision" on which the group is based.



by Antonio Aricò and Rocco Condurso

Continuing the collaboration with the so called “radicati” designers, Editamateria continues giving voice to matter, combining creativity with research throughout the Italian territory via the Seminara project by Antonio Aricò. This is a collection of ceramics that examines the enchanted world of a small town in Calabria, where time seems incredibly still, where the earth is still a raw material, moulded and modelled by artisans safeguarding the secret of the past.  The pieces in the Seminara collection reproduce archaic objects exhumed from primitive designs, from Magna Graecia to Aspromonte, through the POP/primitive ceramics created by Rocco Condurso.


Press Preview

Monday April 8th

10am - 5 pm


Opening Cocktail

Tuesday April 9th



Photos by Alba Deangelis