Milano Design Week 4-10.09.2021

04 September 2021

Via Minghetti 8 (Piazzale Cadorna 4)
20121 Milano

Introducing the Delvis Unlimited
Collection by Stefano Del Vecchio

September 4-10th, 2021
Press Review Monday, 6th

The Delvis Unlimited collection was born from the desire to work on exclusive designs specifically selected by Stefano Del Vecchio. The furnishings are designed down to the smallest detail and they adapt according to the living space, with a common pattern, the use of ancient natural materials such as ours roots, like iron, wood, stone.

“A style that I inherited from the land where I was born, which has been transforming itself through the experiences, the countries I have visited. Our life is a journey and leaving always means starting over. "

It is precisely the return to Italy, the love for his land, listening to the genius loci that opened the door to the Unlimited collection, a collection of unique, material pieces, rich in details, shades, with sinuous and sleek shapes that delineate a refined style but essential at the same time.

The furniture collection is intense like a works of art, where the influences of travels are mixed with a world observed through eyes able to catch the experiences that the life offers.
This design is close to the world of art and its beauty passes through creativity, passion, the desire to shape the soul of objects, drawings, sketches, projects and then shapes, materials and colors that are transformed into collections of furnishings: this is the starting point of the new project by Stefano Del Vecchio, globetrotter, art collector, designer who has selected and worked with designers by choosing chromatism, encounters and clashes of the most disparate materials.